Карпани Цыбенко


O Japanese silence,

O Japanese peace!

I see my ancient homeland

smiling inside your eyes.

O flood me with glowing joy

of all your rivers and streams,

O fill me with golden light

of your unclouded skies,

Serenity’s beauty and grace

and boundless happiness-smile!



I close my eyes and see Your Eyes,

And vastness of the seven skies,

And beauty of the seven worlds

Inside my silent heart unfolds.

O Being boundless and free,

I bow to Thee, and bow to Thee.

Your silent Light is all I have,

I was, I am and I shall be.

Inside Your Light I lose myself,

A tiny drop in shining sea

That calmly rolls its endless waves

Onto the sand of nights and days.

Engulfed, enfolded in Your Light,

I lose my “I” inside Your Eyes,

Like silent star in silent sky

That melts in golden sunrise —

I look into Your Eyes and see

That I am You, and You are me.